Silent movie on celebration of India's first Republic day - A British Pathe film

  • Posted on: 25 January 2017
  • By: Yawer

MS Dr Soekarno, President of Indonesia, alighting from aeroplane at Willingdon aerodrome and being greeted by Pandit Nehru, who introduces him to the Governor General Mr C Rajagopalachari. CU Madame Soekarno being greeted by Rajagopalachari and Indian woman, pan to back view Soekarno with garland round neck. MS elevated Nehru, Soekarno and others. Various interior shots of Durbar Hall showing people taking their places for the proclamation of the Republic ceremony. LS personalities walking to the platform. MS Mr Rajagopalachari introducing Dr Rajendra Prasad (the new President). MS Dr Prasad sitting down on throne.


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